Saturday, June 7, 2008

Speech Contest Preparation

Hi all, Coral and our English students are getting ready for a big speech contest that covers our whole county. We've been practicing intensively for weeks. Exhausting! However, tomorrow is the contest and we're pretty well ready. Thank goodness! Hope it goes OK. I will let you know.
Coral's speech is about her best friend at school:

Coral O'Brien 歐珊 89/2/2

My Friend

My best friend at school is my classmate, Tina. We’ve been good friends ever since I met her. On the first day of first grade, when I went into my classroom, I saw a shy girl sitting alone. She was pretty and sweet, but she looked a little scared, and she didn’t seem to have any friends. I wanted to be her friend, so I went over and told her who I was: Coral! I liked her sweet smile, so I gave her a sticker of mine to keep.

All last school year, we spent lots of time together and we always had a good time. We like to sing together, play together, and study together. She always makes me laugh!

This year, we’re still classmates, but next semester, she will transfer to a different school. I’ll miss her a lot, but we’ll keep in touch. I hope our hearts will stay close, and that we’ll always be great friends.