Friday, November 28, 2008

From Dissertation idea to Full Length Musical!

What started as a vehicle to prise the Gypsy image away from the Romanies of reality will become a full length musical on the stage of our university on December 30th. I wrote the story as a one-act in 2006 but it was cut from the anthology show I was doing with my students. On January 3rd of this year the opening number sprang to mind and I asked what it was. "I'm the opening number from your new musical!" it replied. "What musical??" I queried. "The Crystal Heirloom," it explained. I've been converting the one-act into this musical ever since. It's been hectic this semester but a thrill. And perhaps later. . .it might be published! But one thing at a time.
Now I'm working on the overture and inserting some inspirations for the instrumentation of "Gypsies Are. . .".
Exciting times!