Friday, November 30, 2012

I love you, Amy!

It is nice to see our home looking so beautiful. Thank you very much! I love you every day.
Love from your husband, Chris

Parodies Group Begun; Searching for Lodgings!

Heyo! Stressful as salad these days. I have to finish a paper on Computer Aided Language Learning for drama classes, find a room for rent for a summer trip we would LIKE to take after this semester, finish a . . . . .well, hey, did you not see the list a few posts ago? Read it again and you'll recall.
If you are interested in parodies, spoofs, satires, and the like, you may be interested in discussions of these things and also creating them at my new social network thingy I have just started.
I have done some parodies of my own and always have been a fan of PDQ Bach, "Weird Al" Yankovic, films like "Airplane!" and "Young Frankenstein," and even graphic parodies like these:

Nearly December!?

It's hard to believe how fast time goes. It's been super busy here this semester. I'm involved with three different school dramas, from a full length to a series of 40 conversations. It's rather overwhelming. Add to this various health things and my wife's school's official evaluation, and it's just exhausting! I've been doing some creative work though, some songs and poetry and at least the start of some stories, though none of any real length that have been seen through to completion, sad to say. Oh and all of those three dramas! Some in several widely varying drafts. It's just a sort of high powered life that lays me low. Dealing with depression is also a struggle, but I think I'm learning some good coping strategies and my therapist says I am getting better; I've been seeing her since early this calendar year. Hugs and respect to you all! Chris