Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stand up for human rice!

Greetings, fellow Earthicans! Aroo!
I have found a unique site that allows you to arrange for rice to be donated to the UN; it is then given to areas that need food for starving people, and, presumably, their pets. It takes the form of a vocabulary exercise where you try to pick out the synonym for the featured word. I have provided so far a couple of bowls of food for somebody, I guess. I'm glad to help and I bet you'll enjoy the feeling as well. The quiz matches itself to your evident vocabulary level, setting itself at a suitable difficulty based on the words you can and cannot match. I assume it's on the level, and even if not it could only waste time, as there is no signup or other material to connect you to the site. I'm offering my students bonus points for participating.
Also, I have started a new blog that will focus on discussions of voice actors and relating my own voiceover news, in hopes that I'll actually get some more. It's here:

This is tied somewhat to my new voice acting promotion site with the demo tracks I've got down so far:
Further, I just got a draft of the First Class Service teacher's book 1 to proof. Hope I can get it done fastly. Don't you?
I hope you will enjoy it all.

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