Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eowyn in hospital. Hope to leave it soon.

Eowyn is now in the IV League, but hopefully she'll be graduating tomorrow. She started to get fevery last-last Saturday and went to a local doctor for it, but the fever returned, so we went to our old doctor; still it returned last Tuesday (a week ago) so we took her to the hospital in Changhua. She's still there. Most of the time I've been with her.
She is not massively sick—mostly a runny nose—but the fevers are worrying, so she’s still there, and most of the time I’ve been here with her. They tested her mucus the other day and discovered another type of virus so she’s been getting more medicine for that and hopefully it’ll get her over the illness and she can go home. She’s not miserable; only bored of being here all the time. Me, too. Incredible that the sickness (another doctor classified it vaguely as "not a typical enterovirus") has lasted this long. Glad we are insured!
Today the news was better than it has been recently. She's basically been fever free since yesterday morning; if she can avoid reheating today she should probably be able to leave the hospital tomorrow. So far so good.

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