Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marble Hornets: The Anagrams!

The "Marble Hornets" game is fascinating. Someone suggested that the name of the student movie that is purported to be a feature of the story is such a strange name, and seemingly unconnected with the action of the movie that seems to be happening, that maybe it is an anagram of some other phrase. Here is a list of the possibilities, from respected wordsmith Anu Garg's Internet Anagram Server.
I like "Hamlet's Reborn" as a good lead. On the other hand, "Herbal Monster" may be it--possibly a reference to the "House of Leaves" novel?
Or how about

  • "Rem Blathers On"?
  • "Ramble Her Snot"?
  • "Her Lost Barmen"?
  • "Hot, Barren Elms"?
  • "Mel Abhors Rent"?
  • "No Brash Remelt"?
I really wonder...

On a related topic, I don't personally feel that Tim could be the masked person who attacked Jay, as some seem to suggest; Jay recently interviewed Tim, who seemed a rather normal guy in recent life, and he did not seem to have clear memories of the whole shoot. People have said that it's fairly certain it's Tim, and that he is far gone and has little memory or similarity to the person he was during the shoot, but clearly he is not too far gone in the interview.
Further, he has a power similar to that of the Slender Man in being able to do magical type things such as making people sleep, disrupting video and audio in the camera, and such. Tim could not do that unless he is also now supernaturally powerful.

Or maybe I'm misunderstanding others' arguments. I will read more. Is this a waste of time? It is certainly inspiring!
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  1. I have to agree with you on Tim. :P

    And on the title, I heard that Alex created the title because there was a marble statue shaped as a hornet in the town they were filming in, and the statue showed up in an important scene. But other then that Alex coulden't remember why he called the movie Marble Hornets (of course.)

  2. Thanks, Graycat. I hadn't read that about the statue. On the other hand, at the end of "Entry #22" (presumably before Jay got the bags of video tapes) Alex lists a bunch of people I'm calling "goners:" those who are 'gone'; Jay and others are listed, but clearly Jay is still unaware of Slender Man, and also not yet affected by these supernatural things. Perhaps Tim also WAS gone, and nevertheless could act normally--after all, the Totheark folks can still do sophisticated videos! Hmmmmmm!
    Thanks again.

  3. Actually, I heard a interview with Jay and Alex and the reason for the name 'Marble Hornets' is because Jay wanted to come up with something a pretentious college student would. For more information you can see the interview here