Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy and frustrating summertime

Working hard this summer! I'm working right now on a couple of textbooks I'm doing with my wife--EFL texts for votech grads who want to go into business. It's rather slow going and it's hard to concentrate. I haven't been sleeping really well for quite a while and the days are full of distractions and interruptions. Also working on a new song, a sort of Electric Company tribute, and another major project for a government grant. Hope I get the grant! It's hard to focus, that's a fact!
This week, Coral's been in Taichung with her cousin and a student from Japan who's visiting the Chen clan there. We only saw her on Wednesday when she was swimming with the girls in Dou Liu. Very tired and bummed. Oh well!
Sorry I haven't been keeping this blog running smoothly for a long time. Will try to do better! However, this is the one blog that's been really running at all, so don't complain too much!

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