Thursday, May 10, 2007

That line is deader than a nailed door.

Well, it's over. . .that deadline at least. I sent out the full drafts of book 2 on Monday evening, 5:40 PM, and for Book 1 at 9:15 the next morning, hopefully before the publishers checked their morning mail. I got their contract in the mail too and will sign it and send it back soon. It was very intense but I did it (*pant, pant*).
Now I'm for finishing up my dissertation revisions within a week. Hard to concentrate, though. Wonder why.
I tried to insert a bunch of family and friends' names, dates, lucky numbers, etc. into the textbook drafts. That part, at least, was fun.
I'll be doing voice recording for the books next month, too. That's what I really wanted all along!
I'm working up on the 4.5th floor, the "attic" space, far from most distractions or other such enjoyable stuff. It's been great for concentration mostly.
I discovered that most of the drama from January is still safe in digital media! Only part of act II scenes 1 and 2 were lost. I will be burning this material, and also the 2004 drama, for my darling family soon. Not bad!

I'll be graduating next month. . .
if all goes smoothly,
Which it should!!
Best and Brightest

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