Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Step Forward

I have finished revising chapters 3 and 4, as my adviser advised. It's already been sent out to him, and I plan to meet him next week. . .Thursday, probably, but Wednesday if it works out for him and for me. I have to check and fill in all missing citations, adjust for MLA style standards, add and subtract here and there, and polish, so that on the day of my meeting I can make whatever further adjustments my adviser suggests, and have five copies of the full draft printed for the Defense Committee. They need three weeks to read the draft, at least, before the Defense, so that would make the date June 20th at the very earliest...and probably more like the 22nd.
However, the 22nd is also the date of the departmental graduation ceremony! I am still waiting to hear from the department whether that is gonna cause big troubles. Pray for me, or think happy thoughts!
I have been looking through my printed full draft, v. 4.0, and discover that the number of missing citations is relatively few. I have already caught most of the ch. 4 citations. So I'll have more time to restore missing parts and insert some new ideas, and refine my argument. . .
I'm really sorry that my family in America cannot attend my graduation. Think positive thoughts for them, too--we all can use some help in life, I guess!
The semester is winding down now and the graduating class's last week is this coming week. The high school kids' last week is one week later. What will I do with all my free time while the committee is reading my draft?? I'll find something. . .actually there are many more projects waiting for my attention, and many papers to grade. And my assistant is waiting for some answer keys so she can help me grade some more.
It's so intense. I really, REALLY need a vacation.
The girls are all doing well. Coral got a 100% in a poetry recital test today, and is getting ready for a dance recital too. Eowyn's always improving her language skills. Amy attended a conference today and probably persuaded a new acquaintance to buy my book for her classes next semester. By the way, it's going to be renamed First Class: English for the International Tourism and Hospitality Industries, Books 1 and 2, Teacher's Guide and Students' Books.

So. . .how's your mom, Ed?
And as Robyn Hitchcock reminds us, "In this city of lies, / Real life is a crime."
Have a gravy day.

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