Friday, June 1, 2007

Furiouser and Furioser

Hi guyses. I had a pleasant visit with my adviser on this Thursday--my gosh! it was yesterday!--and got the go-ahead to print and distribute the newest version of the dissertation to the reading committee. I have some minor changes to make yet, but tomorrow I am teaching all day and Sunday will have to be the last day of changes for this draft, because I'd best be sending it out very soon. I have to have the draft to the readers 3 weeks or more before the defense committee, and Dr. Lai will be leaving the country after July 1st, so there is just no time to spare, if I'm to follow the 3 week rule. However, we'll just have to go with what the committee decides, follow or no, I'm thinking, because it'll be tough enough to get all five of them together for the meeting that insisting on one more stricture will be possibly too demanding. So I am thinking about printing the mess on Sunday from the office, and then on Monday morning just having a copy shop simply staple or bind the printed pages, so that I won't have to wait for a day or more to pick up the bound copies...making it even more impossible to satisfy all these rules.
But anyway, it can stand basically as it is, and that's a very satisfying thing in itself. I got myself a grand meal at TGI Friday's that evening, with great tunes playing on the stereo and a margarita and a draft and great apps and NY cheesecake and ahhh it was glorious!
But now I'd best get to bed. Rather pooped!
Lots of lots!

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