Wednesday, June 13, 2007

D! D! D! De-fense!

The Oral Defense date is now set clearly: it's June 27th, two weeks from today, from 2 to 4 PM. This is after the departmental commencement, which will be on June 22nd, 9 days away: next Friday. There's yet another school-wide commencement on the 30th. Amy, Coral, and Eowyn will be there for the first of these. I have to finish up my lovely and complex Works Cited page and the appendices I wish to include in the final draft. There were many small improvements etc. that I wanted to incorporate, but now that the impetus is mainly off and the diss. copies have been sent out, I am much less motivated to tackle such possibly-superfluous projects, though I really ought to incorporate them into the final submission. Anyway, if ever get this published I'll have to, and also I'd probably restore many of the minor analyses I've cut out. . .or have them published as journal articles, perhaps.
Dad caught my mis-use of the adjectival form of "synecdoche" which led from my mispronunciation of the noun form; I've been using "synecdochal" for years but "synecdochic" or "synechdochical" are legitimate, whereas mine was not. I have fixed that for the dissertation but for the "Gypsy Scholar" book I hope I can also get it fixed in the "synecdochic" form before publication.
I've got to let the textbook people know of the graduation date so they won't want my voice recording session then...nor on the OD date!
Take care.

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