Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Synecdochic Fantasy

My adviser very quickly helped me to make the adjustment to the article I wrote for his book, due to be published this year. That was great!
We had a very exhausting and busy weekend. Monday and Tuesday count as part of the weekend in this case because of the odd holiday "Dragon Boat Festival Day" which was on Tuesday. We did lots of home improvement, including installing a new floor in this room where I am now: it's just tile, but to look at it it resembles the kind of old wood floor I used to have in previous homes. Amy did most of this while I panted to keep up. The girls also helped. The weather has been very warm: 33 degrees centigrade the other day, and very humid.
My graduation ceremony--the small departmental one, as opposed to the school-wide one--is this Friday at 4 PM local time. I'm working on the draft and plan to meet my adviser Friday to get one last talk before the defense, which is next Weds. at 2-4 PM.
Gotta keep at it. . .

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