Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tomorrow is the best annual Google day of the year!

What will Google do for its annual April Fools' Day hoax???? Any speculation? I bet it'll be a zinger!

On a personal note, I did finish the paper on using webservices in a Taiwanese college EFL drama performance class.

  • A shocker: one service's online features were changed about two weeks ago.
  • A crusher: One of my main sites, Studeous.com, went out of business and vanished into the aether. . .and I just found out about it about 2 PM yesterday. . .a couple of hours before the deadline!! That was off-putting. I was distinctly nonplussed--minused, even! Sink me!
Well, I found an alternative--in fact, I found many other related sites that have similar services to a greater or lesser degree, but I could not look into all of them fully, obviously, yet. I picked http://www.ectolearning.com as a substitute as it seemed to have all the features that I was talking about in the paper, making it easier to switch the services out in a hurry.
But OH the chagrin, chagrin (sha na na na na na, na na na na na na)!!
Chagrin, I tells ya! With rue my heart was ruddy well laden!

But anyhoo. . .
I got it done and it is confirmed IN. Next, to prepare other versions for two other submissions, one of which is also already accepted.
I am now getting ready for a talk tomorrow morning on studying abroad, the TOEFL, study plans, etc. . . All's I have now is a skimpy outline done in 20 minutes. Not promising. . .but I DID promise!

I'd better throw another lager on the fire and get to work.
Fish and Goggles, Slurmikins!

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