Friday, February 23, 2007

The Agony of Victory; the Thrill of Defeat

Welllll....I didn't finish the chapter today.
I was quite bummed out last night (actually it counts as this early morning, de la madrugada) that I couldn't finish that Amy suggested I switch to revising the travel-industry textbooks today, and sort of digest the material so I can have a well thought out conclusion. So I've been plugging away at the early chapters of Book 1. I think I can probably sort of make it. . .(book one is due 3/10 and the other a week later). And still finish the 4th chapter this month, I hope.

  • Darling Amy was so kind--she helped me to go to the copy shop in Dou Liu and got all the copies I needed for my reading committee and for my advisor, Rudy. And the in-progress stuff so far so I can see it without my eyes bleeding so much. Thanks, Amy dear!

But you know what? I AM SO BLOODY TIRED! When will the stress let up?
Oh, I know, when all my projects are done. . .hee hee. . .that means not real soon, bub.
One of the items I'm revising is discussing differences in handwriting in Europe and elsewhere, like the crossed-through Z, 7, and 0 (zero), and the 1 numeral that is written like an inverted V in Germany, etc. So I took a W-H-I-L-E to find a freeware font that would cover all these. . .and didn't find any, though I searched thru more than a thousand fonts. BLEAH! But I found several with most of the needed characters, and alternated.
Health, Wealth, and Chocolate Pudding, everyone.

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