Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Two-Two-Two!

Rejoice, for today is my older daughter Coral's birthday! Give five hurrahs; give twelve hip-hips! She is seven years old today. All are glad.
I'm especially glad because I believe that I can finish up Chapter 4, a full draft of it, today. Not bad, eh? I tried to do it last night but just ran outta steam. However, part I is all done, along with the introduction section, and it's time to evaluate the Romani Activists' strategies in view of the Gypsy Image. That won't take too long, I hope, especially if I fill in the quotes and references later. :-0
Then the final section, with my pretty-well-thought-out ideas for using the Image to help the Romanies, and using the media to change the Image, and also to articulate the differences between the Gypsy image and the Romani image which I wish to urge mediantics to promote. I want them to seize the public imagination and give them a new image that is HONEST and TRUE so that people can't go back and blame anyone of lying--thus reinforcing the old, false image: absolutely and virulently counterproductive.
Well, wish us luck. We also want to promote our own English teaching image today. What a time!

"Put down that frying pan."--Elvis Costello, Brutal Youth

Cheers! Night Court! Au Reservoir!

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