Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"The culture is based on duping. . ."?? Racism on the Web

Hodie. Making progress on Chapter 4 now, I'm glad to say, working mostly on the part about the American perception of the Romanies these days. I found some outrageous examples that are perfect for the chapter--some from a law enforcement officer (note his definitions of special terms under "form") and more from a Florida crime journalist. (Please see my comments at the bottom of this page, if they haven't zapped them that is!--Note: you may need to click on "show comments" under the article!)

The bit that really went overboard was:

"What makes somebody a Gypsy? Well, the Rom is a race of people, sanctioned as such by the United Nations. The band of vagabonds left India more than four centuries ago and has been pretty much on the move ever since. The culture is based on duping the hell out of gadjes, their name for non-Gypsies, with fortunetelling cons, roofing scams, automobile rip-offs, and other schemes perfected over the years."

I have responded to both of these haters. They give a stereotypical impression of the Romanies and suggest that all Romanies are criminals. Ian Hancock is right: the press could not get away with saying anything like that about another racial group, but Gypsies are not perceived as a race. (see the comment by "A Tax Payer at February 4, 2007 06:16 AM")

I thought the Florida reporter might just misunderstand and not really be racist, till I read more. . .and the clincher was when he called the Chinese "Red bastards." (see the note for August 15, 2006--playing on the stereotypical Chinese--AND the "Commie" (which is no longer even accurate!) image--see the photo of "Shaq.")

*Deep sigh*

However he was very offended at another newspaper's site's commentators' racist comments about Blacks.

Let's get our heads right before we speak or type, huh?

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