Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Winning Kids!

Coral O'Brien: Chairgirl of the Board

It hasn't been a quiet week in Central Taiwan!
On Friday I took Eowyn to Taipei on the bus for her catalogue photo shoot, and Mommy joined us soon afterwards. The shoot went fairly well and they got some adorable shots in Disney clothing, though she wasn't quite in a grinny mood. She was cranky on the way home, but she's better now.
We got home from that around 12:30 AM on Saturday morning.

Then we got up around 6 AM for Coral's Tae Kwon Do competition; this was a county-wide one.
There were visitors, blackbelts from Jordan, doing demo tussles (See Fig. 3). Coral had two events: the board-kicking thing, and a sort of choreographed TKD routine. She won trophies for both of these events! One for 3rd place and one for 2nd! As a two-trophy winner, she was asked back for another set of competitions today on Sunday morning, and she isn't yet back from that. I'll let you know later. She was very excited by her accomplishments yesterday, as were we all; Coral was up shortly after six today, an hour earlier than we wanted to get up, full of vim. We were rather less vimful. However, we're very proud of her and will soon have a video of her board-kicking event. It kicks plywood! (See Fig. 1)

The demo inspection of Amy's school was imperfect, but not too bad, and it's done; however there'll be much more to prepare for as the real inspection is coming up some time. . .I'm not sure when. And now Amy has more reports and stuff to do for school.

With her I am planning to do a new class at her school, along with an e-learning, web-based course thing for next semester. Listening and speaking and intonation. You'll have the link when it's ready. Sounds like lots of preparation time, but worth it for the experience, I hope. You can see my Google teaching homepage and the schedule for next semester if you are full of sounds and curiosity.

All the best to all of you!

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