Wednesday, August 1, 2007

You can Diss me!

Hi, I discovered that the first time I uploaded the PDF of the dissertation, there was some kind of problem with the file or . . . not sure what exactly the problem was. Anyway, I tried and tried yesterday and finally confirmed that it was OK. Now I need to wait another three days (till the writing rage cools off) and I'll be able to go back to campus and finish the process of leaving school as a diplomaed graduate. I picked up all 17 copies of the dissertation that were printed (delivered to the printers last Sat) and they look great! Just now have to confirm that the asst. will really be there next Weds. when I am planning to go. . .

UPDATE: Yes, the assistant, Rosa, will be there and so I will go. I got the Graduation photo in the mail today--the one I paid $100 NTD for--along with a CDR of photos. Not bad.
Working on the GEPT items. 2nd Elementary Hui.

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