Friday, April 27, 2007

The Deadest of Lines

Hiyo. I had my practice defense presentation yesterday--thanks to those who attended, and hello~! --and it was OK I guess. I am determined now to finish up the revisions of chapters 3 and 4 this weekend--
and I have good reason to hurry, as the publishers are breathing down my neck for real. They insist on having the whole enchilada finished and to them by May 7th. . .ten days away. Aside from unit 3, which I did as a demo chapter, I haven't done anything for book 2, which will have 16 chapters in all. So. . .time's a-movin! Once I'm done with the dissertation revision, I'll have to throw myself into the textbook revisions till they are all done and proofread and shiny clean. Then back to hunting down dissertation citations and making sure the format and "style" is all done plopperly.
Wishin' you all well. Don't let the Bumsteads get you down.

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