Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Talk is Clicking, and the Clock is Ticking!

I had to make an emergency visit to my PhD university, NSYSU, to officially get the official tiny little stamp on my official student ID in order to be an official student once more (though I'd already finished the official paperwork mountain long ago) so that I could officially get the official dratted permission to apply for my dissertation defense (officially) before the dead(official)line.
*Gosh,* how I hate paperwork and tangling with any level or type of bureaucracy. Kudos again to Douglas Adams.
Well, I did that, and applied for the defense (no clue yet when it will be though), and made sure of my own defense rehearsal (a demo talk of about 20 minutes' length): it will be on the 26th afternoon of this month.
Also, the school has nominated me for membership in the
Phi Tau Phi Sholastic Honor Society. So I did that work too.
I've also asked the textbook company for an extension so I can first finish the revision (I meant to say, THIS revision, which's not the final one at all!) first, by next Weds., and then work on the textbooks. Hope they go for it.
Weather continues charming.
So tired. Hoo boy.
Best to all. As former VP Al Gore once adjured his listeners,

Peace out, y'all!

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