Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Fresh Outburst of Neostalgia

I've begun, mostly out of curiosity, a new blog on Wordpress, another free service with different sorts of options. Perhaps I'll finally merge the two. What I really ought to do is get back to work! I've got lots to do and very little time, and the past 9 days or so have been choc-a-bloc full of a pursuit of busyness--you grok?

Whereas this page is partly focused on one group of theoretical concepts I've been developing--the synecdochal fallacy and misconfirmed assumptions--the new one is to focus on the idea of neostalgia--creating personal items that confirm to patterns established by what you consider nostalgic or classic, resulting in what many call "instant classics." Both groups of ideas are involved with the interplay in the mind of perception, memory, expectations, and dreams.

Feel free to visit, though I warn you that Chanticleer might be displeased by the first post's title. Well, oh well.


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