Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hoo Boy!

Photos of Coral and Eowyn and Amy Jan 27 2009 on PhotoPeach

Bizzy bizzy bizzy! Baby is coming along swell and Amy is swelling along big, baby! Should be born any time now. I hope I can finish all the calls for papers, and their respective papers, on time. I got word today that the first of the batch, a workshop on for English teachers in Taiwan, was accepted; conference May 16-17th.
Due to time constraints these days I've yoked my Twitter account (usually done, though, through into this blog so I can make microblog notes on how things are going without the need for paragraphs.
I've also tied my other favorite journal, Memiary, into Twitter and thus into Forging Reputations as well. Recommended!
I've also been enjoying friend and family interaction on Facebook. Too bad few people want to play Word Twist or PathWords with me.
I've also been partaking of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Season 4 DVDs, graciously given to me by my dear family. Heaven! The best of times! And it's great to be able to tweet to LeVar Burton as I'm watching his episodes. He's quit smoking by the way. Good for him.
More soon, I hope. Will no doubt have several media extravaganzas, or at least a few availablganzas, as the baby Jonathan Aaron is born and develops. Wish me luck as the only adult who can drive in the family. . . .and can teach. . . . Geez!

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