Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vacations and more vacations

Hi, I'm busy still but glad to be done with the musical, at least! I'm working on a variety of t'ings.

  1. Calls for Papers: need to do conferences etc. to pass for my reviews at school, so got lots of abstracts in the works, and papers. Many deadlines. Oy vey.
  2. Old Projects 1: Caves Books: Reading House mistake catching.
  3. Old Projects 2: GEPT English test writing.
  4. Proposal for another project with Caves publishers
  5. Planning for a trip to the States this summer with Eowyn
  6. Cleaning the house and getting ready to move
  7. Finding lodgings for the summer (see #5)
  8. Incorporating more things into my digital lifestyle
  9. Planning and preparing for next semester's classes
  10. Dreading next fall's new drama at school
  11. Reading new books including Eco and Rushdie, oh my!
  12. Making lots and lots of outlines for above
Some of the things on my plate these days. . .I'm using Facebook more often than blogging nowadays too, and glad Sistah and Dad are both now on FB too!
Best to anyone

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