Monday, February 23, 2009

Jonathan Aaron O'Brien born 2/21/2009!

Hi there everyone! We have emerged from the hospital today and moved over the center for "confinement" as they used to call it. She'll stay for two weeks here before moving back home for the rest of the baby's first month.
Actually I typed Jonnie's length wrong: it's not 53 inches, but instead 53 cm. 3910 grams. Very good looking--but don't take MY word for it; look at the photos!
I went back home last night to celebrate Coral's birthday with cake and singing. I'll take her out later this week to birthday shop with her. . .she has some specific hopes.
I think I won't try to finish this paper for Tuesday BY Tuesday; it's just too much for the time I have! I'll call them though and tell them my situation; it's possible they will let me have till Friday, in which case I'll prob. be OK. More conferences coming soon too; next deadline Mar 3rd.
All are well and happy. Amy is tired but recovering. No painkillers this time or either of the other two times, BTW; Dr said that half the people who use anaesthetics vomit or get dizzy and she didn't want that.
Pretty tired here. I stayed up with Amy all the time and slept little. Last night though stayed with my girls at home and returned hosp side to do paperwork and move Amy home.
Best wishes to you all! More news, photos, and maybe some video later.

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