Sunday, February 15, 2009

Parodies Group Begun; Searching for Lodgings!

Heyo! Stressful as a box full of hanging fire. We hope to be able to go to America this summer--Eowyn and I do, that is--and I'm trying to find a place to hang my head during that time: a room for renk. Not easy so far away. Also got to write a full paper for several calls for papers that are due soon. Add to that the fact that Amy could have her baby ANY time now. . . see below for lots of other tasks looming o'erhead.
Also, I've started a social network thingy at "Parodies and Disparities." You wanna join? Be my guessed.

I've always loved parodies and have been exposed to many. I've even done a number of parodies of my own.
I love PDQ Bach, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Young Frankenstein, Airplane!, and even these swell new Mochries of our new President Obama.
I want to get others who are interested in this type of thing and discusss, analyze, and create parodies, travesties, breakfast teas, suchatease, burlesques, and the like. Join me? Please do!
Best to all and all for none.

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