Thursday, March 1, 2007

Textbooks ycumin In Droves

Hi, I've spent the first two days of the week on teaching stuff. . .setting up my Google Group for students, collecting exciting information, that stuff. . .
But yesterday I got going again on the Travel/Hospitality textbook (the first of two) and today sent off the first six chapters (out of 16 for this book) for their condemnation. . .I mean, consideration.
Today I hope to get the conclusion of the dissertation done. If I get stuck again, I'll switch back to textbooks.
Listened to Zappa's orchestral work yesterday. Perfect Stranger, LSO. Also Jazz from Hell and Ruben & the Jets. Mixed feelings about that.
If you know the song where Frank is sort of sprechstimming about "Albuquerque, New Mexico" please comment and tell me the song's name and what album it's on. . .
(very little hope of that)
More on Zappa to come.
Wish me luck!
Also, our new teacher's working out quite well! :-)

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