Friday, March 2, 2007

Time's a-wastin'!

Like, whoah!
I should finish Chapter 4 by next Thursday so I can send it out to my advisor at least a week before our meeting on the 15th. And the first book of the Tourism text should be finished and sent by the 10th! So why can't I get anything done, dude? Frequent interruptions continue, and I'm having trouble focusing. That's life!
Learning a lot about the digital lifestyle recently, though, and starting to live one, so that's not a total loss. But I've gotta snap out of it and get back to work.
And every day, classes!! Somehow I wonder if that's wise. . .

Hernf. Well, anyway. . .
Very tired, nevertheless. Gotta get a good sleep tonight. Maybe not very able to chat tomorrow with the dearies over the water.
How about a band named Pandora's Boxers?
Just a random thought.
How come my students have so many difficulties with following my directions, anyway? Just curious. . .the writing students are all using English language weblogs for their online journals, running counter to my specific request, and a great many are not giving themselves the right sort of nickname on the Google Group, so they have to re-subscribe. English majors? Not so's you'd notice.
Well, get back to work, I mentally yammer at myself.
Tricks, I say, like that mirage off the port bow. Say, is that a knife you and I see in front of each other?
Sorry, turn off the mangled quotifier. Gotta . . . well, you know.
"Knife," the Mac, just informed me that "It's six o'clock."

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