Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fresh Gusts from Recent Drafts

Here at the Carousel of Regress. . .or is it Digress?
I'm trying to work up a fixed version of the last 2 chapters of the good ol' Diss. I am at the point where it's slash and burn. Anything that gives me trouble will eat hot deletekey. But the main trouble, perhaps, is how to make the cuts and still have a reasonably "finished" feeling to the end of the paper. Much of chapter 4 will probably get the axe. But then I'll cut the end of ch 3 and make it the beginning of 4 so it balances betterly.
I've already signed up for the practice presentation and now I'm in the process of signing up for the defense itself--so I'm committed to completing the diss this semester. I sure wish I had more time. I've finished the full draft of the student's book (book 1 only so far) and a full draft of the audioscript too, and now working on the teacher's book for book 1 as well.
Coral complained of a pain in her left ear last night and after some time it was really bad so we went to the hosp to check it out. Turns out she has what Amy and I have both had before: acute otitis media, or, infection of the middle ear. After taking the medicine, she felt much better, though we still need to keep alert for fever, the pain seems to be over. Good news.

I've added my Google students' calendar to my Yuntech page if you love to see calendars.

Also, I found some new stuff on one of the family heroes, Paul Frees, such as a radio version of "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell (it's fawningly faithful to the short story version) with him as Sanger Rainsford, and a story of how Paul did the voice of "Josephine" in Some Like It Hot; I also found a movie with him and Sinatra online: Suddenly.
Well, I feel better now.
Put ze candle BECK!


PS, Kudos to the B-Movie Graveyard for their great writeup and mediafest of The Thing From Another World!

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