Friday, March 16, 2007

Hard a-Port, Mr. Feetlebaum!

I had a meeting with my advisor yesterday at NSYSU about both of the new chapters--3 and 4. He mostly liked 3, aside from some sections that went into too much detail--which I fully expected!--and some stylistic stuff: I am, in drafts at LEAST, too self-indulgent with puns and archaisms, and playful assonance, xylophone, and similes . He liked chapter 4 less, and felt it was too different from the other 3 chapters, and also had some ideas which I appreciated for how to make the material more suitable for the revised draft. Since I have a 50% overage (see The Ice Limit) in the pages department, the best thing for the time limits in place here might often be just to kill anything that doesn't work, but some reworking really needs to be done for the 4th chapter anyhow, as some of it is just not helpful. Well, all right. . .but time is truly of the essence these days.
Speaking of deadlines, I'm supposed to send Thomson the finished first full draft of Book 1 today--another ~4.5 chapters to finish before close of business today, so let's get this party ended!
If you're a "lurker" here, please feel threatened into commenting sometimes. . .I am just starving for attention and forward march.
Thanks and so long for all the fish.

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