Friday, March 9, 2007

I made it! I made it!! Hurray!!! --Part I

I finished the draft this afternoon, and then compiled all the dissertation's 'plateaued' chapters into a single file that looks real keen with separate chapter headers and all, and a great table of contentment.
Then I sent the full draft of Chapter 4 to my advisor, and the slightly changed Ch. 2 to the members of the reading committee (I've followed Dad's advice and switched to one space after periods, instead of two!).

Also, today is the celebration of Mama Chen's birthday (really it's next week). Lovely cake.
I say, old fellow, do you feel we're listing to port?
Reading "The Ice Limit" lately. . .enjoyable so far.
I still have to finish the two books of the travel text, plus the two teacher's books, with the tapescripts in between. I will be recording the scripts in Taipei with I don't know who else. Plan to send the full draft of Book 1 tonight or tomorrow morning, for the student book. Still waiting for comments on the first six chapters.
Kind of pooped.

I walked out of there eight years later. And by God, I was rich!

--ARTHUR MILLER, Death of a Salesman
Well, TTFN. Take care, young'uns.

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