Friday, March 2, 2007

Age of Discovery = Era of Regret

I can't get started! Grandma had me sawing wood and constructing beds yesterday so she can lurk in my writing room sometimes, for the purpose of leaping out whenever our new construction neighbors happen to try nailing stuff (mostly nails) into our wall outside. . .the room has a sort of porch from where she can shout vociferous complaints. Shattered my concentration all day!
Well, that's largely my fault too. The Internet is too darn interesting. I fluffed out my Google personal homepage, and went everywhere from that. Painfully, Wil Wheaton's musical taste is far too similar to mine for comfort. I started a Pandora account for similar reasons. Gosh! Must get back to my Disseration before the thrill is gone.
Now Eowyn has come by to see the fish screensaver and play, which is good BUT. . . Gotta finish about three books in two weeks!
Well, I am trying to post this by emailing my blog. Don't know if it will work, but if you don't see this post, email me!

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